Norms, Nobility, and a New Departure by Art Middlekauff

Author’s note: I am a homeschooling father who has experienced a genuine awakening as a result of engaging with Charlotte Mason’s ideas. This is my second article for the Charlotte Mason Institute blog that describes the relationship between Charlotte Mason’s theory of education and the Christian classical model of education. In this article, I explore […]


Hon. Organizing Secretary of the Parents’ National Educational Union  A GREAT change has come over modern thought with regard to the early training and teaching of children. The parent has become a recognised factor in the educational scheme, and Home Education a definite science. During the last twenty years the educational pendulum has swung from […]

Following the Architecture Trail by Kerstin McClintic

This past spring, walking down the beautiful, lush green, tree-filled Main Street, we were finally on our architecture walk. I had a set plan that had taken me quite a while to prepare; it was on the papers in my hand that I had diligently researched and studied so that I would sound knowledgeable to […]

Architecture: An Expression of Human Life by Sandra Zuidema

Summer has arrived! And with it a small window for reflection and preparation, a brief moment in the year to step back from the crazy edge of teaching to re-focus on the big picture. This has become the rhythm of my life: September I dive in and life is consumed with teaching, facilitating, car-pooling, living […]

The Great Recognition that Mason Brought to Florence by Art Middlekauff

Editor’s Note: a shortened form of this article first appeared on Art Middlekauff’s blog. At the 2016 Charlotte Mason Institute Eastern Conference, I attended an excellent workshop by Camille Malucci entitled “Charlotte Mason’s Great Recognition.” The workshop explored in detail the famous fresco in the Spanish Chapel at Santa Maria Novella, described in many places in Mason’s collected […]

Introducing Mason’s Alveary: A Curriculum for 21st Century North American Students by Dr. Jennifer Spencer

The Charlotte Mason Institute is very excited to introduce a new curriculum option for Charlotte Mason home educators and schools. This project is the result of nine months of dedicated work and research on the part of a collaborative of veteran Mason educators, including homeschool parents, classroom teachers, curriculum experts, children’s book experts, and subject […]


What a delight to spend Easter week in Rydal, to gaze up at the wild daffodils dancing down Dora Wordsworth’s rocky field and to attend Morning Prayer in Rydal Chapel, where the three amazing Armitt sisters regularly worshipped. I had been reading Stephen Gill’s wonderful literary life of Wordsworth. As I found out how the […]