UntitledThe book George Washington Carver by Eva Moore has really captured the true meaning of a living book. It took the students and I through the inspiring life of George Washington Carver. The book is well-written in a way that it makes the students feel as if they were journeying with George Washington Carver through his life. You could tell the students felt his hardships as much as they celebrated his successes by the amazing grand conversations they had in class. Students could easily narrate the book because it caught their attention and kept them wanting to hear more. Second Grade students were able to learn positive habits from George Washington Carver’s life in this biography.  They were able to think, what would George Carver do in this situation?

 Written by Megan Lengle, who is a Form I teacher at Gillingham Charter School.  She gave this book a 5 star rating.

Genre: Biography
Subjects: History, Literature

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