51483Q2ZEEL._AA160_Martin Luther King is very well-known, even to elementary grade level students. It is crucial for them to know the history behind Martin’s speech and how hard he fought for equality. They know that he had a dream, a dream that helped to end racism.  But do they know that he was an average boy when he was little? Do they know that he liked to play tricks on his music teacher? Do they know that he slept in a drawer for the first few days of his newborn life? My Brother Martin, a story told by Martin Luther King’s sister, Christina King Farris, is an account of Martin’s childhood. Children get a chance to relate to Martin Luther King as a child and learn that if you want something really badly, you must go to great lengths to achieve that goal. The students laughed at the little mischievous actions Martin performed as a child and felt his confusion when little white children wouldn’t play with him. This living book gives students a hope for the future and a beginning to the life of Martin Luther King.

Reviewed by Megan Lengle, Form I teacher at Gillingham Charter School.

Ms. Lengle gives this book a 5 star rating.

Genre: Biography
Subjects: History, Literature
Illustrated by Chris Soentpiet

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