Following the Architecture Trail by Kerstin McClintic

This past spring, walking down the beautiful, lush green, tree-filled Main Street, we were finally on our architecture walk. I had a set plan that had taken me quite a while to prepare; it was on the papers in my hand that I had diligently researched and studied so that I would sound knowledgeable to […]

Architecture: An Expression of Human Life by Sandra Zuidema

Summer has arrived! And with it a small window for reflection and preparation, a brief moment in the year to step back from the crazy edge of teaching to re-focus on the big picture. This has become the rhythm of my life: September I dive in and life is consumed with teaching, facilitating, car-pooling, living […]

Studying Architecture in the Context of a Charlotte Mason Education by Jennifer Stec

When we began homeschooling, it never crossed my mind that architecture would be a component of our study, and it certainly didn’t occur to me that we would find it to be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of our education. We were introduced to the idea of studying architecture four years ago […]