The Power of Belonging by Tara Schorr

I think the word belonging has become one of my favourites because of the impact it makes in a person’s life.  It is such a fundamental need that we all have, and yet I think it is often overlooked in our culture.  I want to take a closer look at why and also how we […]

Reconsidering Charlotte Mason and the Classical Tradition by Art Middlekauff

Author’s note: I am a homeschooling father who discovered Charlotte Mason while searching for a way to home educate my children. I am neither a scholar nor an educationalist. But I am a person who has experienced a genuine awakening as a result of engaging with Charlotte Mason’s ideas. As such I have a strong […]

Review of “Charlotte Mason: Hidden Heritage and Educational Influence” by Margaret Coombs

    Originally posted by Dr. Jennifer Spencer on her website:  cuppawithjen. The week after Easter I was fortunate enough to spend time in the beautiful Lake District at the Charlotte Mason Institute Ambleside Retreat. Among the speakers there was the author of this book. I have known Margaret since 2008 and consider her a friend. […]

Why I Didn’t Want My Child in My Science Class by Shannon Goods

In my past life, I was a high school chemistry teacher.  I lasted the proverbial five years for a new teacher, and then happily quit to stay home with my own newborn child.  I imagine I began as the stereotypical new teacher–young, enthusiastic, full of ideas and passion for my subject.  By the end of […]

Finding Fullness of Life in the Science of Relations by Joy Shannon

On what does Fulness of Living depend? –– Education is the Science of Relations . . . . What we are concerned with is the fact that we personally have relations with all that there is in the present, all that there has been in the past, and all that there will be in the future––with […]

Life After a Charlotte Mason Education, or Maybe, a Charlotte Mason Education Continues Throughout Life

This blog post is written by a CM graduate who for security reasons needs to remain anonymous.  (Imagining for a moment I was a Charlotte Mason news reporter, I saw headlines flash through my mind: Chinese Teacher recognizes value of CM training; CM principles hold true through the ages and across the world . . […]

Charlotte Mason for Newbies by Cheri Struble and Sara Dalton

Sara and I (Cheri) are delighted to offer something new at the CMI conference this year, a pre-conference session for those educators new to Charlotte Mason’s philosophy.  It’s not hard to remember when we were embarking out on our own journey to teach our children.  As moms who are still learning but now have some […]

Mason and the Older Child Immersion by Kerri Forney at the 2016 CMI Conference

The question often comes to mind of what next.  My children and I have been reading great books and narrating them orally.  Now what?  We have been doing written narrations.  Now what?  We have to research what Charlotte Mason was doing with children in the upper years.  What books was she using?  What questions was […]

The Large Room Immersion by Elizabeth Millar, Sandy Rusby Bell, Sandra Zuidema and Laurel Aldridge

The Large Room Immersion will be held this year at the CMI Charlotte Mason Education Conference on 15 June 2016. There is a picture I have stuck in my mind. It is one of those memorable moments in schooling that seems to encompass so many of the things I love most about our one day […]

Multi-Age Homeschool Immersion at the 2016 CMI Conference by Nancy Kelly

  Yes, it’s quite a different thing when you are able to experience the Charlotte Mason method of relational education rather than just read about it!  Nancy Kelly, homeschool mom and Mason practitioner, will once again be presenting her popular immersion session at this year’s CMI Charlotte Mason Education Conference at Asbury Theological Seminary on 15 […]