The Power of Belonging by Tara Schorr

I think the word belonging has become one of my favourites because of the impact it makes in a person’s life.  It is such a fundamental need that we all have, and yet I think it is often overlooked in our culture.  I want to take a closer look at why and also how we […]

Why I Didn’t Want My Child in My Science Class by Shannon Goods

In my past life, I was a high school chemistry teacher.  I lasted the proverbial five years for a new teacher, and then happily quit to stay home with my own newborn child.  I imagine I began as the stereotypical new teacher–young, enthusiastic, full of ideas and passion for my subject.  By the end of […]

Finding Fullness of Life in the Science of Relations by Joy Shannon

On what does Fulness of Living depend? –– Education is the Science of Relations . . . . What we are concerned with is the fact that we personally have relations with all that there is in the present, all that there has been in the past, and all that there will be in the future––with […]

Living Science Through the Lives of Scientists by Nicole Williams

“That which has become the dominant idea of one person’s life, if it be launched suddenly at another, conveys no very great depth or weight of meaning to the second person — he wants to get at it by degrees, to see the steps by which the other has traveled” (Charlotte Mason, Home Education, p.97). Charlotte […]

Preconceived Desires that Stifle by Dena Jackson

“We took Margaret out of school. Suddenly our child revived. She read books, played in the garden”–Susan Schaeffer Macaulay – For the Children’s Sake  I can still remember reading those words that caught my attention six years ago   . . . reading books, playing in the garden. Devouring the book, my heart leaping out […]

Natural History: Implementing Special Studies by Nicole Williams

Nature study conjures up such lovely images: children dazzled by a field of wildflowers, peering under rocks in a streambed, or showing their pressed-flower collection to an admiring grandparent.  It ranks up there with artist study and music appreciation for its beauty and life giving rejuvenation. A Charlotte Mason education can be quite rigorous, but […]

An Overlapping, Interlocking Experience by LeAnn Burkholder

Recently, after three particularly dark and difficult years, the writings of Charlotte Mason took on a whole new level of meaning and depth in my personal life. I had just walked through great loss and was fighting hard against depression. I needed to feed my soul, to be inspired by the heroic, and the beautiful […]

The Steadfast Heart by Liz Cottrill

Thirty years ago, I embarked on the  homeschooling journey. I now compare it to attempting to cross an ocean in a rowboat with one oar and no compass. At the time, I thought a good education meant working through the best curriculum and covering “all” the right subjects. Thankfully a friend introduced me to Charlotte Mason fairly early on and […]

Taking Our Time by Amy Fiedler

“We can’t make a child hear God’s voice, but maybe we can place the child in the place where we know he takes walks.”   I can still remember hearing this spoken at the ChildlightUSA Conference (now Charlotte Mason Institute) in 2012 during a lecture given by Art Middlekauff.  What a beautiful idea—that through his […]

For the Children’s Sake-Please Stand Aside! by Shannon Whiteside

Implementing Charlotte Mason’s principles into my homeschool in the past several years has been a journey of releasing educational ideas that I once held dear. As I learn more through conferences, books and blogs, I fine-tune my practices to be more in line with Mason’s philosophy and methods. The most recent principle that I have […]