Hon. Organizing Secretary of the Parents’ National Educational Union  A GREAT change has come over modern thought with regard to the early training and teaching of children. The parent has become a recognised factor in the educational scheme, and Home Education a definite science. During the last twenty years the educational pendulum has swung from […]

A November Check-Up by Liz Cottrill

Most of us relish the prospect of setting out for something new, when the promise of glorious conquests or destinations fills our sails with fresh aspirations, and winds of exhilaration carry us out onto the grand sea of imagined success and untold possibilities. Soon enough, the gusts of enthusiasm of first days die down and […]

Adeline Bell: Pondering Charlotte Mason and Early Childhood by Dr. Donna Johnson

Grandparents have to be careful. Not everyone is as interested in their grandchildren as they are. Cute grandchild pictures and instances of clever grandchild behavior must be shared sparingly. Earlier this year, during a telephone conversation with Dr. Carroll Smith, I mentioned that I was in Arizona spending some time with my granddaughter Ada. I […]

Listening with the Eyes by Rebekah Brown Hierholzer

My daughter, 3 years old, is crazy about favorites.  I mean crazy in the sense that she walks around endlessly asking me what my favorites are about Everything.  All the time. “Yes or No.  Is that your favorite?  Yes or No?”  she asks, and if an answer isn’t forthcoming in a nanosecond, she repeats herself.  […]

For the Children’s Sake-Please Stand Aside! by Shannon Whiteside

Implementing Charlotte Mason’s principles into my homeschool in the past several years has been a journey of releasing educational ideas that I once held dear. As I learn more through conferences, books and blogs, I fine-tune my practices to be more in line with Mason’s philosophy and methods. The most recent principle that I have […]

Charlotte Mason at the Dinner Table: Feeding Children is an Atmosphere, a Discipline and a Life By Anna Migeon

“No pains should be spared to make the hours of meeting round the family table the brightest hours of the day.”            Charlotte Mason in Home Education One of Charlotte Mason’s favorite parallels for education is eating; she often uses the concepts of feeding, appetite, or digestion to illustrate her principles. Her […]