The purpose of the Charlotte Mason Institute is to support a worldwide community of learners and educators in an authentic practice of Charlotte Mason’s paradigm of education. We seek to do this in three ways: explicating the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason, equipping individuals and schools to practice Mason’s pedagogy and nourishing the Mason community with insightful publications, examples of practices and various forms of knowledge from the arts to the sciences, from nature to literature to history and many more.

The Charlotte Mason Institute aims to extend the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy to children worldwide, just as Charlotte Mason intended. The Institute’s long term vision is to develop a vibrant and growing Mason community to sustain generations to come.

The Institute is a nonprofit organization approved by the IRS under the code 501(c)(3).

Experiencing Mason’s ideas!

Experiencing Mason’s ideas!

We attempt to define a person, the most common-place person we know, but he will not submit to bounds; some unexpected beauty of nature breaks out; we find he is not what we thought, and begin to suspect that every person exceeds our power of measurement.” -Charlotte Mason

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  1. Hi everyone at Charlotte Mason Institute. I am a mother from Colombia South America. I’ve been reading the books the originals of CM and even when English is not my second language, I persevere to understand her thoughts. I am living in Australia and I my husband and I want to offer our child education based on the philosophy of this educator. God has put in my heart to spread this philosophy in my own language because there are many Christian believers who want to learn more about the method buy they only learn when I try to translate bits and pieces or when I share with them my very short experience. The language is such a barrier for Christians non stop English speakers to learn more about this Christcentered philosophy. I am living in Australia but I use whatever is possible to let my friends back in Colombia know about my journey trying to follow CM’S ideas.

    I would love to have the support from the Charlotte Mason Institute . The only thing I am doing is to learn from your articles so far. I wonder if you have a group of CM Christian followers who work with this institute? I also waiting to be added to the group that Art has on to start reading CM poetry. God bless you all. Nat

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