The goals of the Charlotte Mason Institute are to explicate Mason’s philosophy of education, to equip parents and teachers to practice Mason’s theories and to nourish everyone with living ideas through beauty and truth.  Offering an interactive map that allows people to find Mason Study Groups and other Mason events  help to satisfy the Institutes goals.  On these maps are the Mason Study Groups, Co-ops and Schools about which the Institute knows.

It is the purpose of the Institute to enable people to understand Mason’s ideas.  The Institute asks that groups who wish to be listed here are studying the works of Mason or a work that is closely related to Mason:  works that enable us to understand her theories and practices.  An example might be the new book published by the Institute or other books that assist in our understanding of Mason.

The Institute asks that Co-ops are actively seeking to implement Mason’s practices.  Schools listed here have gained or are in the process of gaining accreditation by CMI.

Disclaimer:  The Institute cannot guarantee that the study groups or co-ops listed on this interactive map follow the guidelines listed above.  

(If you have a study group outside of North America, please let us know and we can accommodate you.)

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