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Nature Study by May Hampson 1912 – Used by Permission of the Armitt Library and Museum

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Riverbend Press

My Calendar of Firsts by Red Mountain Community School

Book of Centuries by Laurie Bestvater


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The Humanities and Us by Heather Mac Donald

As Children’s Freedom Has Declined, So Has Their Creativity – Psychology Today

Charlotte Mason Today by Lisa Cadora

Regional Retreat Tips by Lisa Cadora

How to End the Age of Inattention

The Starry Night- Fujimura

UK, Unv of Cumbria Prof writes about CM

Scientific Enquiry Among the Preschool Set – NY Times

Is Accountability Undermining American Education?

University of Cumbria Mason Centre Survey

The Medium is the Medium by David Brooks

You Won’t Remember This Article, or Anything Else You Read Online, Unless You Print It Out by Drake Baer

What Learning Cursive Does for Your Brain by William Klemm, D.V.M., Ph.D

Reading Literature Makes Us Smarter and Nicer

A School Without Screens

May 2014 Recent Resources on Play

The Importance of Outdoor Experiences

In Cardus‘ journal entitled Comment:  A Theology for the Common Good you can find an article written by Dr. Deani Van Pelt on Charlotte Mason.  It is entitled:  For a Great Door is Opened.


The Charlotte Mason Institute (CMI) promotes the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason. In the spirit of what Mason did in the Parents’ Review, CMI wishes to hear from a number of different voices in the Mason community.  From time to time an author’s work posted on this blog may be selected for its value to the Mason community even though CMI may not agree with everything the author(s) writes. We ask our readers to always weigh anyone’s thoughts and ideas against those of Mason.