Books and Resources

Items you will need for particular weeks are listed in the course schedule under Supplies.  Please look ahead to see if you need to purchase items prior to the start of a week so you will be prepared for that week’s work. The key resources to purchase are listed below. 

Notebooks: You will need a science notebook where you can write and sketch and a nature notebook where you can write, sketch, and paint if desired for each week of the course. All assignments can be completed in a single notebook if needed but our hope is that you will continue your habit of keeping a nature notebook long after this course is over. Our favorite hardback science notebook with blank and grid/lined pages can be found here and a softback option here. Favorite nature notebooks are here and here

A Naturalist: A relationship with a local naturalist is a wonderful way to cultivate interest in the natural world. We highly recommend that you search out local options and set up times to meet for a nature walk. We have put in reminders in the schedule periodically throughout the course.

Lewis, C.S. The Four Loves. (Any unabridged edition such as this one).

Tuning Fork Kit by Extended Notes

Burns, Loree Griffin. Tracking Trash.

Wood, Todd, Charles and Darrel Falk. The Fool and the Heretic.

Allium (Onion) Root Tip Slide from Home Science Tools and possible Ascaris (roundworm) mitosis slide

Compound microscope (such as this one from Home Science Tools)