Tuning Fork Experiments

Sometimes there might be a simple demonstration so that students could experience the Thing more directly. Read activities 1 and 3 from the following (do not do them yet):

Tuning Fork Experiments


Narrate an introduction in your science notebook: What do you know about sound? What do you think you will experience when you do activities 1 and 3?


Complete activities 1 and 3.


Narrate in your science notebook: What did you notice in the activities? Was it a surprise or was it expected? Do you have any new questions about sound? For example, if you have a musical instrument, how does it produce its sound? How could you find the answers to those questions? 


Now you have an idea of what a simple form 2 science lesson might have been like, complete with a first entry into the science notebook. As you spend time outside this week, notice birds that are calling or singing. If you could see the vibrations of their song, what do you think they would look like? Try drawing their song in your notebook.